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Last Storytime for this year!

ffb storytimeCome along to our last Storytime for 2014!  This week’s books are…

  • There’s a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake, by Hazel Edwards, illustrated by Deborah Niland: If you’re going to have an imaginary friend, it may as well be a big one.


  • This Moose Belongs to Me, by Oliver Jeffers: Because sometimes your pet has to teach you the rules

oliver jeffers this moose belongs to me

  • If My Dad Were An Animal, by Jedda Robaard: The matching tome to the popular “Mum” version

jedda robaard if my dad were an animal

  • Go To Sleep, Jessie!, by Libby Gleeson & Freya Blackwood: Graceful instructions on how to give in to the inevitable

gleeson blackwood go to sleep jessie

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This week in Storytime!

ffb storytimeIt was a pleasure to stories with our return audience on Saturday. We hope we see you again! This week’s books are…

  • Peepo!, by Janet & Allan Ahlberg: Because peekaboo never loses its charm.

janet, allan ahlberg peepo v2

  • The Wild One, by Sonya Hartnett, illustrated by Lucia Masciullo: Celebrating the wilderness inside

hartnett, masciullo the wild one

  • Let’s Get a Pup, by Bob Graham: No one is safe on a trip to the animal rescue centre

bob graham let's get a pup

  • Sam & Dave Dig a Hole, by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Jon Klassen: Always follow your dog’s nose

barnett, klassen sam + dave dig a hole

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This week in Storytime!

In Storytime this week…

  • Down the Back of the Chair, by Margaret Mahy & Polly Dunbar: It’s more than just the remote control…

mahy, dunbar down the back of the chair

  • Little Elliot, Big City, by Mike Curato: A miniature elephant with polka dots, plus cupcakes… what’s not to like?

mike curato little elliot big city

  • Hattie and the Fox, by Mem Fox & Patricia Mullins: Celebrating the combined intellect of a barnyard

mem fox, patricia mullins Hattie And The Fox

  • Sally Snickers’ Knickers, by Lynn Ward & Anthea Stead: C’mon, we know we’ve all put them on our heads…

ward, stead sally snickers knickers

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This week in Storytime

ffb storytimeIt was lovely to see so many of you telling stories with your Halloween costumes on Saturday — especially the handmade robot! This week we’re back to normal Storytime:

  • The King of the Birds, written & illustrated by Helen Ward: Because choosing a king is hard enough for humans

helen ward king of the birds

  • Jungle Grumble, by Julia Jarman & Lydia Chapman: Sometimes we’ve all wanted a long-neck to get to those hard-to-reach places

jarman, chapman jungle grumble

  • Bertie and the Bear, by Pamela Allen: Showing there is never a bad time to dance


  • Amy & Louis, by Libby Gleeson & Freya Blackwood: Proving that the call of love can cross an ocean

amy & louis

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This week in Storytime

ffb storytimeThanks to Saturday’s audience; we know you were sneaking glances at the pictures even though you pretended not to. 🙂 This week we have some staff favourites for you:

  • Imagine, by Alison Lester: Because the whole world can be found in our imaginations if we believe hard enough

alison lester imagine

  • Smelly Louie, by Catherine Rayner: The picture-book equivalent of canine smellovision

catherine rayner smelly louie

  • Rose Meets Mr Wintergarten, by Bob Graham: Because fairy cakes are the best magic for waking up a sleeping heart

bob graham rose meets mr wintergarten

  • The Swap, by Jan Ormerod, pictures by Andrew Joyner **CBCA Book of the Year Winner**: Because we’ve all wanted to swap someone we love for a person who doesn’t drool

jan ormerod the swap

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This week in Storytime…

Thank you to Saturday’s audience: we’re glad that Peggy did the same things at Storytime as she did at home! This week we have an animal theme:

  • Edward the Emu, by Sheena Knowles, illustrated by Rod Clement: About being true to the emu we have inside

edward the emu

  • If My Mum Were a Bird, by Jedda Robard: Showing mothers in all their plumage

jedda robaard if my mum were a bird

  • One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, by Dr Seuss: Funny things are everywhere

dr seuss one-fish-two-fish-red-fish-blue-fish

  • Noni the Pony Goes to the Beach, by Alison Lester: Because even Noni knows it’s nearly summertime

alison lester noni pony beach

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This week in Storytime…

ffb storytimeThanks to Saturday’s audience: we hope you come again and use your imagination with us! This week we have:

  • Where the Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak: Because we all really want to be the Wildest Thing there is

where the wild things are

  • Peggy, by Anna Walker: Because all Melbourne love-stories should have a chicken on a trampolineanna walker peggy
  • Each Peach Pear Plum, by Janet and Allan Ahlberg: Because ‘I Spy’ works best when you know the fairy tale you’re looking for

each peach

  • Hasel and Rose, by Caroline Magerl: About finding a wish thing in a tired brown box from across the sea

caroline magerl hasel and rose

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