A book about a new addition

Welcome Baby by Jess Racklyeft

Jess Racklyeft has been very busy producing lovely picture books for young children over the past few years. Her latest is about a new baby coming into the house. The gentle text and soft colour palette beautifully capture the feelings a family have with the beginning of a new life.

Jess has kindly given us a number of prints to go with the purchase of the book. Numbers are limited, so don’t tarry if you are interested!

The book is a hardback and $19.99

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Great Reading for September

September is already one of the busiest book times of the year but 2020s is a treasure trove of great reads. There are so many that we would be telling you about in store, pressing into your hands to say you MUST read this book but alas we cannot do that this year, so instead we will blog! If 2020 isn’t dystopian enough for you, why not grab Kate Mildenhall’s The Mother Fault. For fans of 1984 and Handsmaid Tale, this is set in Australia. In a world where everyone has a universal tracking chip inserted, Mim’s husband, Ben, is missing and the Department want to find him. Mim knows she can’t trust the Department with their threats of looking after her in the BestLife facilities and must undertake a desperate search to save her family and herself. A white-knuckled read! For those looking for a laugh (just about all of us right now) Richard Osman’s The Thursday Murder Club is a hoot. The detectives are pushing eighty but that’s not going to stop them investigating a brutal killing that occurs on their doorstep. A recommended read! I was chatting on Radio National’s The Bookshelf a couple of weeks ago about the stunning new book by Sarah Moss. An English author often overlooked in Australia. Her book The Ghost Wall from a couple of years ago was fabulous and this new one, Summerwater, is a stunner. Beautifully written, it is set on a Scottish summer’s day (so pouring with rain!), six different families are holidaying next to a gloomy loch. At times hilarious, at others, foreboding, she is just a fabulous writer. And finally for all those people waiting for Margaret Atwood’s The Testaments to be out in paperback! It’s arrived. A brilliantly imagined sequel to a wonderful classic, I was hooked from page three.

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Food For Thought – Jamie, Julia and Yotam

Melbourne – more lockdown – what can we say? Let’s look on the bright side – we are still here, there are fabulous books to read and we can still travel through our food. Which brings me to three fabulous new cookbooks. First is local cook Julia Busuttil Nishimura’s A Year of Simple Family Food. Julia’s first book Ostro is one of our favourites in the shop and this book looks just as good. Heather has already cooked a few dishes from it, including the most delicious sweet potato and spinach curry. Sensational. Julia’s recipes are divided into season so you are cooking with ingredients when they are at their freshest (and cheapest). My family have been trying recipes from the new Jamie Oliver. Titled 7 Ways it is focuses on new recipes for ingredients that you will already find in your shopping trolley – avocado, chicken, sausages, mushrooms etc. It’s minimum fuss, maximum taste cooking. So far we have tried the cauliflower remoulade and the mushroom & beef stir fry. Both winners and being added to the weekly repetoire. Finally, the last heavy hitter is Yotam Ollolenghi back with a cookbook simply called Flavour. It is the third in his vegetarian trilogy – Plenty,  and Plenty More. We put it in the window and people started knocking to buy it straight away.

Remember we remain open to sell over the phone, click and collect and we still deliver. Give us a call on 90174748, email books@fairfieldbooks.com.au or Facebook or Instagram. So many different ways to contact us. Let’s get through this (hopefully) last lockdown in true Melbourne style with great eating and reading escapes while sitting in our armchairs!

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Games and Activities to Occupy Bored Children!

While we mainly sell books we also do have a variety of games and activities great to entertain children who are bouncing off the walls due to lockdown! Here is a selection of what we currently have in store, all availbe for ‘click and collect’ or local delivery.

First up is Snap! A classic card game that is great to play with kids, and is quick and easy to teach. We have lots of differented themed packs including:

Mermaid Snap

Unicorn Snap

Diggers & Trucks Snap

Fairy Snap

Cars Snap

Animal Snap

and Travel Snap which shows illustrations of different places across the globe

$9.99 each


We also have some things kids can do alone!

  1. Dartboard Game, a magnetic dart board and darts, recommended for ages 3+ $19.95 each
  2. My Finger Maze Puzzle, a puzzle with 12 pieces that when assembled creates a maze, recommended for ages 2+  $23.95 each
  3. Magnetic Art Case, includes 70 magnets, board, and wipe clean marker, recommended for ages 3+ $22.95 each
  4. Magnetic Drawing Board, includes a board, magnets shapes and pen, recommended ages 3+ $19.95 each
  5. Magnetic Puzzle Box, includes figure and 30+ pieces for clothing and other items, recommended  ages 3+ $14.95 each
  6. My Very Big Puzzle Box, includes 52 puzzle pieces that assemble to maket the alphabet, recommended ages 4+ $27.95 each





We also have lots of fun science kits for kids!

8. Atomic Slime Lab, including the ingredients for Metalic Galaxy Slime, Neaon Blue Slime with Glitter, and Glow in the Dark Slime, recommended ages 8+ $22.95 each

9. Bunsen Burner, includes LED Bunsen Burner, Flask, Tripod, Test Tube Clamps, Goggles, Dropper, and Activity Book, recommended ages 3+ $49.95

10. Green Power Kit, includes two experiments converting solar and chemical energy into electricity (needs 2x fruit or vegtable not included) recommended 8+ $24.95

11. Crystal Creation, includes Instructions and ingerdiets to create 3 different types of crystal $9.99 each

12.Make Your Own Solar System, includes planet and sun molds, paint, paint brush, and glow in the dark stars and moon, recommended ages 8+ $22.95 each

13. Sand Timer, includes in structions and pieces to assemble a sand timer, Activity Book, Shovel, Net Filter, and Test Tubes, recommended ages 3+ $42.95 each







There are also lots of different versions of Bingo availble!

14. Poo Bingo, bingo but with animal poo $29.99 each

15. Dog Bingo $35 each

16. Australia’s Deadly Animal Bingo $34 each

17. Cat Bingo $35 each

Also avaible in the same style and price at 15-17 is Dinosaur Bingo, Bird Bingo, Ocean Bingo, and Bug Bingo.


We also have some classic games avaible!

18. Snakes & Ladders, includes die and shaker $34.95 each

19. Playing Card Game Set, including two decks of playing cards, card games book, and 5 dice $19.99 each

20. Chess $29.95 each

21. Large Pick-Up Sticks $24.95 each





Please email us at books@fairfieldbook.com.au or call us at 9017 4748 if you would like any of these, or have any other orders and enquiries!

Current hours are 10-4 Monday-Saturday




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Reading during Lockdown – open for business (just not browsing)

Thanks to the lovely Fairfield Books community we are still open and busy answering the telephone, responding to email, Facebook and Instagram enquiries. We are open from 10 – 4pm Monday through to Saturday and lots of customers have discovered the magic of holding their card up through our glass door and having our EFTPOS machine still read it while others have taken advantage of our home delivery service. We are pivoting like ballerinas here while talking to customers on the phone or through the glass as we keep on delivering books to happy readers. Please understand that if you end up talking to our answering machine, it probably means we are on the line talking to another customer. We miss chatting to you all in person and can’t wait until we can go back to welcoming browsing again in the shop. If you want a book to read but just don’t know which one, email us on books@fairfieldbooks.com.au with some of your current favourites and we will do our best to find you something suitable. We are gearing up for Father’s Day here – pro tip order early! ( and what looks to be one of the biggest release months ever in September – so there will lots of fabulous books for you to choose.) Keep safe, stay well and keep in touch!

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How to get a book during LOCKDOWN!

With the announcements yesterday from the State Government, we will be closing the shop to the public from 5pm Wednesday but don’t panic there will still be ways to get books, puzzles and games from us. There will be someone in the store from 10am-4pm from Monday to Saturday available to take orders and organise book deliveries to your house or non-contact pickup. Our preference would be for you to email us on books@fairfieldbooks.com.au or ring us 90174748. We are hoping that our  supply chains will continue to work as usual but there may be some delays so please have patience as we try to fulfill requests or alternatively ask us to recommend alternatives – we have a bookshop full of fabulous reads that you just haven’t met yet. This is all as new to us as it is to you, so please be understanding as we try and keep our heads above water. Take care of yourself, keep being kind to one another, and keep reading because it will help! We will miss seeing your faces and discussing great reads with you but we intend to be here at the end of all this and with your help we will!

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NEW WIMPY KID BOOK (well actually it is a Rowley adventure)

In the crazy world of 2020 it is lovely to see some familiar faces pop up and here is one of our favourites. Rowley Jefferson, that Awesome Friendly Kid, best mate to the decidely less friendly Greg Heffley is back in the Awesome Friendly Adventure. The Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney is just one of the funniest of all time. I would always know when a Wimpy Kid book was being read at bedtime because I could hear my husband laughing. When we had to make an emergency detour to hospital last year with my youngest, it was Diary of a Wimpy Kid books that came along with us. So for a kid comfort read, perfect for the 6-10 set (and even perhaps nostalgic older ones) grab a copy of this one!

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Explore the World from Your Armchair

Here in the shop we are seeing people wanting to escape COVID craziness through reading some great fiction. 2020 hasn’t delivered much that you could describe as good, but it has brought us some excellent reads. Brit Bennet, a Black American writer who wowed critics and the public alike with her first book The Mothers, has released The Vanishing Half. This is one of the best books I’ve read this year. A multi generational story it spans the Deep South to California, the 1950s to the 1990s. It follows a pair of twins, the Vignes sisters, who decide to run away from their small town to change their lives. It changes everything especially when one sister chooses to pass herself off as white. This is a riveting, human read that explores race and humanity in absorbing, complex but thoroughly readable book. Next is Megha Majumdar’s A Burning, set in contemporary India, this is a story of three characters looking for a better future – Jivan – a Muslim girl trying to better herself through education when she gets caught up in a terrorist plot, Lovely – an exuberant hijra who longs to be a Bollywood star and P T Sir – a teacher becoming involved in Hindu nationalist politics. This book confronts issues of class, prejudice and corruption specific to India but also universal. The final book is Australian author Angela Savage’s powerful Mother of Pearl. Set in Australia and Southeast Asia, it explores the difficult but fascinating subject of surrogacy. A beautifully written exploration of this ethical minefield, these characters will stay with you long after you have finished reading. 

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How to BUY BOOKS during Lockdown – Subscriptions, Personal Shopping Times & Zoom Consultations

While the shop remains open, we know that there are customers who are unable or don’t wish to visit as they would normally so we’ve been thinking long and hard about how to keep connecting all our customers to great books and have come up with a few new options.

Personal shopping times – we will be offering some sessions where you (and your group) can come and browse after hours. You can shop independently or have a chat about recommendations with a bookseller.

Zoom consultations – if you are unable to come into the shop but want to get some personal recommendations, then lets zoom and chat books! If you live locally we can deliver the books to you for free or if we have to post we would charge a small fee.

There will be no charge for either service. If you are interested email us on books@fairfieldbooks.com.au and put Personal Shopping or Zoom Consult in the subject line

Want to take all the hard work out of choosing your next book or looking for that gift that keeps on giving – we are now offering 3 month subscriptions with a new book in the first week of the month. The books will be new releases, chosen carefully taking into consideration the preferences you gave us when you signed up.  There are five different types to pick from and price includes delivery – General Fiction ($115), Crime Fiction ($115), Non-fiction ($125), Children (Middle Grade $75), Hardbook picture books ($90). If you are interested, email us at books@fairfieldbooks.com.au and put Subscription in the subject line. We will contact you to talk preferences etc.

It is pretty scary out there at the moment and all of us at Fairfield Books wish you the very best. Thanks for all your support over the past few months. We want to still be in Station Street at the end of this and all our valued customers are helping us do that.

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Has there ever been a more perfect time to curl up with a book and escape for just a little while? Melbourne might be in lockdown but we are still open. To keep things safe for you and us we ask that all customers hand sanitise on entering the store, socially distance, keep your browsing time to a minimum and if your kids are with you, we ask that you keep a close eye on them and restrict them picking up items that you don’t intend to purchase. We will be doing our bit with keeping numbers in the shop low at any one time as well as sanitising surfaces. Feel free to ring beforehand to check on the book you want or email the store. We are always happy to take orders over the phone and bring your purchases to the door, drop in your car window or if you are in the local area home deliver!

Stay safe and keep reading.

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