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Banana Splitz: Mix and Match Stackers

Green Start, the maker of this cool Banana Splitz toy, is one of our favourite toy manufacturers. Always in great colours, made from sustainable materials, well designed and of good educational quality to boot, what’s not to like? This fun toy lets little ones (aged 1 to 3 years) put the different parts of an ice-cream sundae together by sliding them onto wooden poles set in the base. Each piece is sturdy and reversible, perfect for little hands to play with!

Banana Splitz – Green Start – $33

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Special offer! Free space hopper with Dan Santat’s “The Adventures of Beekle”

dan santat beekleAnd before you ask, Beekle is NOT an imaginary friend — he’s definitely real, and he’s definitely seeking a human to be friends with. In Dan Santat’s Caldecott Medal-winning book, Beekle leaves his homeland of magical creatures, takes the perilous voyage to the big city (aka New York) and sets out on the hunt for his special friend. It has lovely illustrations, hints on how to make friends for the uninitiated AND it comes with a free, inflatable space hopper. Just $15 of fun.

The Adventures of Beekle, The Unimaginary Friend — Dan Santat — PB — Hachette — $15

beekle hopper display

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Charades for Kids

Charades has always been a favourite party game, but the classic book/film/TV show format assumes a lot of knowledge, making it suitable only for older kids and adults. Charades for Kids has adapted the traditional game for younger children, allowing them to join in the fun! The boxed game consists of cards with 3 levels of difficulty: there is a picture and a simple subject (train, chicken, lion) for the youngest children to act out, a simple action for slightly older kids (swimming, getting dressed), and a more complicated action for even older kids (frying a pancake, eating spaghetti). The audience needs to guess the action before the egg timer runs out. Great fun for three or more players, ages 4+, $26.95

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Bitten Crayon Colour Blocks

These colourful blocks look just like Lego, but are in fact crayons.  You can build with them, as well as colour.  A neat multitasking indoor activity, perfect for cold mornings and wet afternoons. $9.95.

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Paper Puppets – make and play!

How do some Farm Finger Puppets sound? Or perhaps Robot Hand Puppets are more your style? These fantastic paper creations are a craft project that become a fun activity. Designed by Hector Serrano these puppets are easy to make and even easier to play with, all you need is glue and a little imagination! Both come in packs of 4; the finger puppets are $8.95 and robots are $19.95. A great rainy day activity!

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Nanoblocks in stock @ Fairfieldbooks

Fairfieldbooks is excited to be stocking a small range of Nanoblocks critters for the first time. These Japanese build-it toys are mini lego style construction kits that have been around for awhile but difficult to find in Australia. But here they are. Currently we have a koala, a duck with bonus duckling, a dog (all $9.95), an elephant and a pair of meerkats which are both $12.95. Seriously cute and FUN, if slightly infuriating, to build. A great addition to a gift for anyone 12 and up. The (adult) staff members who had the task of building the display figures also really enjoyed them, not just for kids!

Small pieces present a chocking hazard for children under 3, may be extremely difficult for younger children due to complexity and small parts.

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Click Clack Cars

These great wooden toys are not only environmentally friendly, but really cute. They pull apart into two pieces allowing for some silly fun mixing silly cars of your own! All pictured are $12.95. We also have the larger crane and army tanker ($16.95) and the Click Critterz which are cute animal pull back toys. They also pull apart into two pieces allowing you to make things like a frogs body with a pigs head. What more could you want? The Critterz are $7.50. Too cute!

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Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

LightUpBabushkas – $12.

Fairy lights + babushkas = perfect addition to any young girls stocking. Or even any  not-so-young girls stocking…

PochiPurse – $17.95.

If your kid keeps ruining their purse with a leaking water bottle or ill-timed sprinkler run we have the solution in a pochi purse; a purse made of silicon! Cute as a button these super soft and durable purses will withstand anything thats thrown at it. Available in red, black and pink.

Trashies – $3.95.

The next big playground sensation is here in tiny bins with 2 bin-swelling critters to start you off. Kids can trade with each other to collect the set and they are flying out the door so get in quick!

Super Putty – $7.50.

Its Putty. And its Super. And non-toxic and an excellent price! What’s not to love.

Compact Binoculars (4×30) – $19.95.

These brilliant National Geographic binoculars are easy to use and carry around, perfect for a budding young David Attenborough.

So are your stockings full this Christmas? If not, we have the answer in these and many more great gift ideas.

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Sticky Mosaics: some crafty fun for boys and girls

Sticky Mosaics are fun and easy and will keep kids completely absorbed! They just match the coloured tiles to the numbers on the design to form a mosaic picture which can then be hung on the wall. There are designs to suit both boys and girls – we have Fairy, Mermaid, Robot, T-Rex and Pirate available. A great stocking filler, and something to be kept in mind when preparing for the long summer holiday ahead! Recommended for 4+, $9.95 each

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Are We There Yet? Gift Set

Are We There Yet? by Alison Lester is an old favourite at Fairfield Books and has really become an Australian classic. It tells the story of a family’s trip around Australia and all the amazing things they see and wonderful adventures they have along the way. The book has now been released in a fantastic gift set, with a paperback version of the book, along with a jigsaw puzzle and playing cards. The book has never previously been available in paperback, so to get it with these lovely extras is a real treat, and would certainly make the perfect gift for a curious and adventurous child! $29.95


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