117A Station St
Fairfield, Melbourne, VIC
Ph. (03) 9017 4748
Email: books@fairfieldbooks.com.au

We are happy to take stock inquiries and special orders via email. We can inform you a book has arrived this way too, or send you a text message. We can also call you on your landline.

Weekdays: 9.30 am to 5.00 pm
Saturday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm; Sunday CLOSED

CLOSED on Public Holidays

Our shop is a general bookshop but with particular strength in children’s books.  We also sell cards and a range of toys and puzzles for children. In this busy family-orientated strip we value our regular customers and aim to please and help customers in any way we can. We have regular email newsletters which you can sign up to receive which contain reviews, news, interesting information and the occasional special offer. Currently there is a general newsletter, a kids newsletter and a Crime Quarterly(ish). We’ve recently changed the platform we use to distribute these and are doing a lot better with getting them out regularly. Back on the home page you’ll see a ‘click here to subscribe’ button in the right hand column. Click it!

All our staff contribute to this blog reviews and posts about new and exciting stock. We’ll review everything from fiction to cookbooks, along with a lot of stuff for kids.

We hope you find the blog interesting and helpful and come back soon!

16 responses to “About

  1. Are you accepting resumes at the moment?

  2. Bella Webb

    Do you have any vacanies opening up at the moment or any time soon? i would deeply appreciate it, thanks.

  3. Hi Barbara. I have no idea but will find out. Which US state are you in? That might matter, I don’t know. Will find out as soon as I can. Heather

  4. Yes, I’m sure they are cheaper. I think they are 15.95 each here, but I’m not in the shop today. I’ll look into it. I fear the postage though! Aus post costa

  5. Barbara Aker

    Yes, they are %15.95 each but I saw some posting from your store where
    there is a special promotion where
    the first one was $1.00 and then buying the other 7 at $15.95 each would help. Settling this when you get back in the store would be fine.
    Regards, Barbara

  6. Jane

    Do you have a search function when viewing your site from a phone? Can’t find one to search a title. There are a few but one we are looking for is Amulet books anything after book 6, thanks

    • Hi Jane. I emailed you but just in case it goes into junk, I realised I’d better reply here too. We have Amulet 7 in store at the moment, and no further numbers have been published as yet. Regarding the website, we are working on one. Cheers, Fairfieldbooks.

  7. Stefan Timos

    Hello, are you taking any resumes at the moment?
    i am a local and would like to be around books alot more.

    Kind Regards

  8. Pheel Adami

    Do you do gift vouchers/cards?

  9. Julie W

    Do you have the book Every Breath by Nicholas Sparks please

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