This week in Storytime

ffb storytimeThanks to Saturday’s audience; we know you were sneaking glances at the pictures even though you pretended not to. 🙂 This week we have some staff favourites for you:

  • Imagine, by Alison Lester: Because the whole world can be found in our imaginations if we believe hard enough

alison lester imagine

  • Smelly Louie, by Catherine Rayner: The picture-book equivalent of canine smellovision

catherine rayner smelly louie

  • Rose Meets Mr Wintergarten, by Bob Graham: Because fairy cakes are the best magic for waking up a sleeping heart

bob graham rose meets mr wintergarten

  • The Swap, by Jan Ormerod, pictures by Andrew Joyner **CBCA Book of the Year Winner**: Because we’ve all wanted to swap someone we love for a person who doesn’t drool

jan ormerod the swap


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