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A Guest Review

It’s guest review time! We were absolutely delighted to receive a review from four local children who want to share their favourite book, the excellent Elliott Catches a Bug, with as many people as possible.  Great work team 🙂

We also have this review proudly on display in the kids section of the shop, alongside copies of the book.


Dear readers,

We are here to tell you about the book released in 2016, Elliott Catches a Bug, written by David Danks and illustrated by Marsha Wajer. It is about an emu named Elliott that catches a travel bug at his local school fete and is going to travel the world.

We would like to give you some reasons why you should buy this book.

Firstly, it is one of our favourite books that our teacher has ever read to us! It’s awesome for little kids because all they can see all the different Australian animals and in the following book, they will learn about the wonderful places in Australia that they have not had the chance to see.

Secondly, it encourages kids to read. In the book it says that Elliott loves reading so the kids will want to be like Elliott. We love that the book rhymes and we found the story very funny. The pictures had us all cracking up laughing.

We really loved this book and we are sure you will too! It is the perfect Christmas present for readers of all ages.

By Beau, Flynn, Conor and Scarlett (age 10).


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I Think It Had a Boat On The Cover

“I think it had a tree on the cover” is one of those cliche questions booksellers get asked more often than you might think. This year, there seem to be an unusual number of books with boats on the cover, so we are looking forward to getting a bit of variation in our customer queries!

Here is a quick guide to some of the more popular ‘books-with-boat-on’ to help you (and us) out!

Saga Land, Richard Fidler & Karl Gislason,

The Book of Dust, Philip Pullman

Dampier, the Dutch and the Great South Land, Rob Mundle, $25

A Sea-Chase, Roger McDonald, $33


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Christmas Shopping Guide For Degenerates and Desperados

Cripes! It’s December! That means it’s time to stop complaining about how everyone gets out their Christmas lights/music/random paraphenalia too early and madly rush about buying your presents before it’s too late. Here is our Gift Guide For The Difficult to Buy For.

Slightly Squeamish Aunty Susan: The Trauma Cleaner, Sarah Krasnostein, $33. It’s probably too much for her delicate sensibilities, so with any luck she’ll lend it to you to read instead. Score!

Uncle Jim who embarrasses everyone at Christmas lunch every year with his drunkenly loud political rants: You Can’t Spell America Without ME, Donald J. Trump, $33, because you can pretend you didn’t realise it was actually Alec Baldwin on the cover.

That guy everyone calls “Champagne Greg” who professes a profound and possibly irrational dislike of celebrity chefs: Simply Good Food, Neil Perry, $40 because it will both annoy and delight him. Yes, Neil Perry is a celebrity chef, but the book is so, so good that old Champagne Greg will be forced to admit he loves it, and will cook from it all the time.


For any small child whose parent you dislike: Where Is The Green Sheep, Mem Fox, $15. The child will ADORE it, but the parent will be sent mad due to the constant, mind-numbing repetition demanded of the book demanded by the child.

Absolutely anyone else left on your list: Stories: The Collected Short Fiction, $30 or True Stories:  The Collected Short Non-fiction, $40, both by Helen Garner. Because if you don’t love Helen Garner you are a MONSTER.

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Why Don’t Bookshops Have Happy Hour?

Why don’t bookshops have happy hour? Well, as it happens, WE DO!!!!!!!! Every Thursday evening from 6pm-7pm in December it’s Happy Hour at Fairfield Bookshop.


If you like the thought of sipping bubbles while shopping then please head over to the shop and join us for a complimentary glass of champagne to enjoy while you shop. Thursdays in December are for books and bubbles. Cheers!!

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Staff Favourites! Huzzah!

Hooray, huzzah and goody goody gumdrops for Fairfield Books 2017 Staff Favourites, because nobody loves books like a bookseller 🙂

Our Christmas elves have been busy redesigning much of our new release display space to show off our staff favourites for 2017. There are so many wonderful books published each year that it is hard – even for the professionals – to keep up. So we have hopefully made it a little easier for you to choose your favourites by curating what we loved this year.

They include gorgeous picture books, tween and tween delights, fascinating non-fiction and beautiful, arresting fiction. Keep following the blog for more detaisl on each staff member’s favourites list, or come into the shop and see them for yourself.

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What Have We Been Reading? A Little Taste…

We’ve been diving into the wellness industry in Australia. The Woman Who Fooled The World: Belle Gibson’s Cancer Con is a thorough, compelling investigation into the wellness industry, and it’s most notorious scammer. If you missed hearing about Belle, her bookdeal, award winning app and gigantic Instagram following (all of which grew off the back of her supposedly self curing of brain cancer by doing nothing more than eating well and taking lots of pictures of herself looking happy in the sun), then it’s your lucky day! You can catch up on all the nitty gritty details of Gibson’s outrageous claims, who was fooled, and how it unravelled, in Beau Donnelly and Nick Toscqano’s new book which was published earlier this month.

And if you have an interest in the wellness industry you may be drawn to another Australian book, Wellmania, by journalist, yoga enthusiast and gonzo fad dieter Brigid Delaney. Delaney takes a tour through the wellness industry, examining whether it’s possible to get clean, lean and/or serene via a series of health retreats, courses and classes, diets and fasts.

Both of these books are excellent, readable, thoughtful pieces of non-fiction. They might inspire you to go and make a coconut water and kale smoothie, but they might also make you feel totally ok with having that last piece of chocolate, and settling back on to the couch to continue reading.

The Woman Who Fooled The World: Belle Gibson’s Cancer Con  by Beau Donnelly and Nick Toscqano $33







Wellmania by Brigid Delaney, $33

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You’ll Never Guess What…

You’ll never guess what: the dog outside the Fairfield train station is a reader! You may have noticed that last week, she got a beautiful, red, Christmassy necklace, which she’ll be wearing with pride in the countdown to Christmas, so we thought we’d ask her to review some Christmas books for our blog. Here is her guest post:

The Twelve Dogs of Christmas – This book is so much fun. Woof! I love all the bright colours and scampering antics of the different dogs on each page. If you have a soft spot for dogs then you will really love the cute illustrations. There are dalmations, daschunds, collies, pugs and more. There is also a really big focus on yummy Christmas food which we all know is something all dogs love. Woof woof. Five bones out of five for this one!


The twelve dogs of christmas 9781471166174 hr

The Twelve Dogs of Christmas, Alison Ritchie & Marisa Morea, $15


That Christmas Feeling – this book is new this year and I absolutely loved it. It’s written for children aged up to about 5 but I think dogs (of any age)  would really enjoy it as well. It’s all about how to get that tingly, buzzy, woofy feeling in the lead up to Christmas. The story follows two children and their dog Shortbread. Shortbread is ace! Woof woof! Another five bones rating for this one.

That Christmas Feeling, Lili Wilkinson and Amanda Francey, $20


The 12 Days of Christmas – I have to admit I was a little disappointed to discover that there were NO DOGS in this book at all. It had quite a few birds in it though, and I am I quite a fan of watching birds. Woof! I am learning to count at the moment so the counting aspect was good too. And the illustrations are by a Melbourne artisit. We love local 🙂  This one gets a solid four out of five bones from me (it would have been five bones if there was a dog).

The 12 Days of Christmas, PIlgrim Lee, $17

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