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Lonely Planet ventures in activity books for children

Lonely Planet have been a big name in travel publishing for years with their guides, and in the last couple of years they have ventured into publishing books for children. Now they have extended their range with these terrific glossy activity books. There are currently three in the range, Adventures in Busy Places, Cold Places and Wild Places, with more to come next year. They are 50 pages of colouring, reusable stickers and even have some educational content. At $13 they are a bargain.


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School holiday fun

The school holidays are with us, and we have some new toys in stock to help you keep those young people busy. We have various bead kits, quiz kits, puzzles and lots of activity books.

The Melissa and Doug range is new to us, but there are activity pads of differing sizes subject matter.  Some are as little as $7.50.  As always, we have lots of the Usborne sticker and activity books, as well as their Snap cards and quiz cards.  They will provide hours of fun.

meliss doug

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Dinnertime Drawing Fun!


Marion Deuchars, author of the Let’s Make Great Art books, has another great placemat art book; Let’s Make More Great Placemat Art. It features 36 large placements with fun activities including, make your own MONSTER gallery, imagine the perfect meal for a boa constrictor and create some handprint animals and birds. Each placemat is brightly coloured and I think they look good enough to put up on the wall after they’ve been decorated. A sure way to make mealtimes entertaining (and maybe even quiet)! $17.95

deucharbirds deucharsfirstbook

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My First Creativity Books

These fabulous books are packed full of fun and interesting things to do. Each book has puzzles, quizzes, things to make and draw, lots of stickers, and fascinating facts to learn along the way. Plenty to keep even the busiest young imaginations engrossed. And just in time for the school holidays too! There are four titles in the series: Diggers and Dumpers, Baby Animals, Dinosaurs and Fairies. Perfect for ages 4+, $15.95 each.

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5 Minute Origami Set

With school holidays looming, some of you will be travelling and this small box of origami paper could be just the thing to put in the luggage.  It’s always good to have something fresh to pull out for entertainment, and with origami you could end up with something beautiful afterwards!

The box has 100 sheets of different coloured papers and a 28 page instruction booklet.  You can make a swan, a fox, mouse, crane, frog and more.


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Making Maths & Science Fun – it’s possible!

Maths and Science teachers have it tough, getting kids interested in things they’ve already written off as boring/hard/useless. These books are here to help get your kids excited about Maths & Science. And I reckon they’ll do a pretty good job!

From how to make a maze to how to count to infinity, 50 Amazing Things Kids Need To Know About Mathematics by Anne Rooney covers a lot of ground. For example, the chapter on how to make money for nothing simplifies the complicated world of banking to explain how interest works…and why you’d keep you money in a real bank as opposed to one shaped like a pig!

50 Amazing Things Kids Need To Know About Science by Penny Johnson will bend your mind, and your kids, as you learn how to how to think like an ant. You know you want to. Not only that but you will learn to make electricity out of sunshine and how to climb Everest! I think these books might be just as fun for adults as they are for kids…

Both are Hardback, $20.

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Build it all with LEGO!

The Lego Ideas Book

Don’t let your school holidays slide idly by this break, indulge in some creative building with The Lego Ideas Book!  This large hardback is bright and colourful and full of fantastic building suggestions for kids that love lego.

This in-depth guide covers the most simple task (the classic lego car) to the most intricate design (a hot air balloon, anyone?!), and includes ideas from their many popular ranges such as castles, pirates, jungles and animals.  Hours of (quiet) fun!!

The instructions are clever and easy to follow, with every task accompanied by multiple photos.  This book is a winner!!

RRP $39.95 in hardback

In store now!

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