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Goodnight Little Tough Guy and My Book (not yours) – Two New Aussie Picture Books

After a long day it’s time for all the little tough guys to settle down for the night.Goodnight Little Tough Guy is a  sweet bedtime book great for getting little astronaughts, footballers, and superheroes ready for bed.

Goodnight Little Tough Guy is an Australian picture book by Michael Wagner and Tom Jellet, the creators of the bestselling Why I Love Footy.

Now in stock $24.99 hardback

Lento the sloth is excited to have his very own book which he plans on using to tell his very own story, but a wiley fox steals it away with style.

My Book (not yours) is the first book in the new picture book series, Lento and Fox. Victorian writer and illustrator, Ben Sanders, as created a book full of stylish illustrations and fun hijinx.

Now in stock $24.99 hardback

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Bitsy and Baa Baa Blue Sheep- Pitch Peferfect Picture Books

Bitsy is a brave bat so bold she dares to venture out into the bright scary day. Bitsy is an endearing tale of overcoming fears and assumptions to make new friends, and explore all the day and night has to offer.

Bitsy is a delightful book, both written and illustrated by the award winning Nicki Greenberg. It is fun to read, with beautiful illustrations depicting the Australian bush.

Now in stock $24.99



Baa baa black blue sheep, have you any wool?

A fun and funny take on the well known rhyme, with eye catching illustrations full of character and charm.  Another hit book by  Tony Wilson and Laura Wood, whose previous collaboration brought us the hilarious Cow Tripped Over the Moon. Baa Baa Blue Sheep is an excelent choice to read to young children, and helps teach them colours and the importance of sharing.

Now in stock $17.99


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Meerkat Madness!

One of our shyer staff members, who can usually be found hiding in the front corner of the shop among the soft toys has gathered the courage to share her favourite book with us! Melanie Meerkat shares her thoughts on Nicki Greengerg’s Meerkat Choir:

I loved this book because it was about Meerkats, and also about singing and joining in with people to make friends. I like to make the LA LA LAAAA sounds myself when a grown up is reading this to me.

Here is Melanie with her staff pick, which you can take home to share with your own little singing Meerkats 🙂










Meerkat Choir, $24.99

Meerkat Toy $36.95

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Exploring The Curious Museum with facts and flaps

Oscar gets woken up in the middle of the night, and outside his window is a woolly mammoth (called Timothy) looking for his baby brother. Follow Timothy and his brother back to The Curious Museum, and lift the flaps to find out information about animals, dinosaurs and adventurers. Brightly coloured, crowded with things to see and learn, a good fun book for 3 to 6 year olds.

The Curious Case of the Missing Mammoth – Ellie Hattie and Karl James Mountford (ill.) – HB – Little Tiger Press – $24.99

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New book from Matthew Van Fleet

Great news for fans of Matthew Van Fleet! If you’ve read and loved his Tails or Cats, with the push tabs and flaps and furry bits and colours, then you’ll enjoy this one. Little ones can learn to do the Hippopota Hula, the Bouncy Bunny Hop and the Gator Mashed Potater, with demos and tabs to pull. Good for 2 to 4 year olds, in a solid board book.

Dance – Matthew Van Fleet – Simon & Schuster – BB – $30

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Indie Book Awards: Winners announced!

And the winner of the Indie Book of the Year is… Jane Harper’s The Dry: for the best Australian writing of 2016, as chosen by Australian independent booksellers. Our congratulations to Jane — we’ve barely been able to keep her book in stock since it came out!

Other prize winners this year:

* Fiction: The Last Painting of Sara de Vos by Dominic Smith
* Debut fiction: The Dry by Jane Harper
* Non-fiction: Everywhere I Look by Helen Garner
* Children’s: Circle by Jeannie Baker
* Young Adult: Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley

All titles in-store now, or on order in desperate haste if we’ve sold out! Let us know if you want any of the prize-winners put aside for you, and come enjoy some great Australian writing.

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Little Hoot isn’t allowed to go to bed

krause-rosenthal-little-hootPoor Little Hoot. He’s desperate to go to bed, but because he’s an owl he has to stay up late, late, late. That’s just the way it is. So instead of going to sleep when his friends do, he has to stay up playing swords, on the jungle gym, building a fort, jumping on leaves — then ten MORE minutes playing on his skateboard.

A quirky little charmer, this boardbook, just perfect for your little owls who are susceptible to reverse psychology.

Little Hoot – Amy Krause Rosenthal; Jen Corace (illustrator) – BB – Chronicle Books – $15

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