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Stella Prize Winner: Heather Rose’s “The Museum of Modern Love”

So it’s been announced, and one of us was lucky enough to be there on the big night: this year’s winner of the Stella Prize for Australian women’s writing is Heather Rose’s novel The Museum of Modern Love.

The novel is based on Marina Abramovic’s performance-art piece entitled The Artist is Present, in which Abramovic sat opposite MOMA visitors and gazed into their eyes, six days a week for the almost 3 months of the exhibition. (A film was made about the artwork, and you can watch its trailer online.)

In Rose’s novel, which has Abramovic’s blessing, film composer Arky Levin stumbles into MOMA’s Atrium to witness the art piece, and continues to visit over the course of the next 75 days of the artist sitting. The novel meditates on the nature of art, life and love and the boundaries between them.

Congratulations to Heather Rose on her win, and come buy her book to help her celebrate!

The Museum of Modern Love – Heather Rose – A&U – TP – $28


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