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You’ll Never Guess What…

You’ll never guess what: the dog outside the Fairfield train station is a reader! You may have noticed that last week, she got a beautiful, red, Christmassy necklace, which she’ll be wearing with pride in the countdown to Christmas, so we thought we’d ask her to review some Christmas books for our blog. Here is her guest post:

The Twelve Dogs of Christmas – This book is so much fun. Woof! I love all the bright colours and scampering antics of the different dogs on each page. If you have a soft spot for dogs then you will really love the cute illustrations. There are dalmations, daschunds, collies, pugs and more. There is also a really big focus on yummy Christmas food which we all know is something all dogs love. Woof woof. Five bones out of five for this one!


The twelve dogs of christmas 9781471166174 hr

The Twelve Dogs of Christmas, Alison Ritchie & Marisa Morea, $15


That Christmas Feeling – this book is new this year and I absolutely loved it. It’s written for children aged up to about 5 but I think dogs (of any age)¬† would really enjoy it as well. It’s all about how to get that tingly, buzzy, woofy feeling in the lead up to Christmas. The story follows two children and their dog Shortbread. Shortbread is ace! Woof woof! Another five bones rating for this one.

That Christmas Feeling, Lili Wilkinson and Amanda Francey, $20


The 12 Days of Christmas – I have to admit I was a little disappointed to discover that there were NO DOGS in this book at all. It had quite a few birds in it though, and I am I quite a fan of watching birds. Woof! I am learning to count at the moment so the counting aspect was good too. And the illustrations are by a Melbourne artisit. We love local ūüôā¬† This one gets a solid four out of five bones from me (it would have been five bones if there was a dog).

The 12 Days of Christmas, PIlgrim Lee, $17


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All About ‘Grover McBane’, a series written by Claire Garth

Written by author Claire Garth, Grover McBane is a children’s series which explores the life story of a dog named Grover. Garth had met a real-life dog named Grover whilst working at an animal shelter, which¬†inspired her to write this collection of short novels. When the dog first arrived at her shelter, he was incredibly thin, undernourished, and filled with fleas due to the lack of care he had experienced with¬†his previous abusive owner. Claire could not resist the temptation. Quickly adopting him, she nursed¬†9781863958134.jpgGrover back to health and took him in as a part of her family.

The first novel in the series, Grover finds a¬†home, explores Grover’s adventures; escaping his brutally inhumane owner and being rescued by the animal shelter. When first rescued, Grover was extremely afraid that the man rescuing him would bring him back to his owner, but he was flooded with relief when he¬†realised how good life was in the shelter. He didn’t want to leave once he had a taste of being treated well for the first time in his life, but life with Claire was the best he had ever come by.

Now a happy dog, Grover enjoys being treated with the respect he deserves. The second book in the series, Grover’s new friends, shows Grover’s experience with making new friends, and with the help of those friends helping out a dog named Peanut. The final book in the series (so far) is called Grover, Benji and Nanna Jean. In this part of the series, Grover has a job¬†looking after all other rescue dogs at the animal shelter. He comes across a blind dog named Benji, and is determined to help him find a home just as he previously had.

Grover McBane РRescue Dog is simply a well written book series, perfect for beginner readers between the age range of 6-9 years old. It is intriguing, surprisingly action packed which would be sure to capture the attention of every child who reads it.

Paperback singles: $13 each.

Pack of 3 paperbacks: $30.



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