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Dinosaurs Galore! New dino reference books in-stock.






We have the perfect series for the dinosaur fiend in your life: six separate books, covering the periods between the Upper Triassic and the Upper Cretaceous. Each book  covers 25 dinosaurs, with a full-page drawing and description of each dino, its territory and its fossil remains. The full set of books is shown here, each only $7 in paperback or $20 in hardback.





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Dinosaur Rescue – hilarious new series for kids!

Dinosaur Rescue #1: T-Wreck-Asaurus by Kyle Mewburn, PB $10.00

Arg is a genius cave boy living with his family of neanderthals (with VERY small brains!) among the dinosaurs.

This series is absolutely hilarious, a little bit gross and very addictive. The illustrations are great and each book has some fun facts about cavemen and dinosaurs.

Arg is so much smarter than every other human so it’s always up to him to save the day and deal with the deadly animals all around as well as his crazy family!

There are four books in this great series with hopefully more to come!!!

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