What to Read During a Lockdown?

2-281285-Main-900x556-8What to read during a lockdown? Well, I’m glad you asked. It is noticeable that many of our customers have decided a big event calls for a BIG read. We have sold many in our classics range as well as some big books like Mirror and the Light by Hillary Mantel. I’ve chosen Middlemarch by George Elliott to be my lockdown read. It’s a book that I’ve always meant to read but never had the time! But should classics not be your thing, or you need something more modern to balance out War and Peace, here are two fabulous novels that are hot off the press.

First is The Animals in That Country by Australian author Laura Jean McKay. I actually had to read this to review on ABC Radio National’s The Bookshelf with Kate Evans last week. Both Kate and I loved it (you can hear the interview here with a range of other good reads https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/the-bookshelf/the-bookshelf-friday-24-april-2020/12174890). An astonishing, at times brilliant and at times bonkers book, if you are looking for something completely original this one is for you. Set now, in an animal park, guide Jean is one of life’s battlers, surviving not thriving, when along comes a flu epidemic sweeping the nation (astonishing but true) which has the curious side effect of allowing humans to understand what animals are saying. One of the most original books I’ve read, I can’t recommend this enough.

The second book is The Glass Hotel by Emily St John Mandel. As regular customers would know, I LOVE Emily’s last book Station Eleven which if you are looking for a fictional read about a pandemic flu, this is it! I actually just reread this book with a group of Year 9 English students as part of a bookclub and it has been their favourite book so far. The Glass Hotel again shows of Mandel’s skill with characters, interest in the world and big-life events and how we respond to adversity with art. This one centres around a giant Ponzi scheme and is pretty fabulous.

Remember Fairfield Books remain open. You can collect or have your book delivered. Just ring or email us.


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