How to build with gaffa tape & rubber bands

Lance Akiyama is clearly a person you want on your team when the (zombie) apocalypse comes: his ability to construct life’s basics with gaffa (or duct) tape, and life’s mini-entertainments with rubber bands, is truly astonishing.

duct-tape-engineerHis new book, Duct Tape Engineer (PB, $28), uses duct/gaffa tape to build:

  • chairs & tables
  • kayaks
  • tool kits
  • geodesic domes
  • messenger bags


Rubber Band Engineer (PB, $30), Akiyama’s older rubber-band-engineerbook, shows how to make:

  • magic box
  • catapults
  • robots
  • helicopters
  • cars

If you don’t believe me, you can see some of his creations, from both books, in action here on his website. He also runs the Workshop for Young Engineers: check out that website, where you can also download some sample plans.

Both books make great gifts for creators young and old. Enjoy!


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