Ferrante’s Neapolitan Quartet – all in small-format paperback

elena ferrante my brilliant friendelena ferrante story of a new nameElena Ferrante’s most recent publications – The Neapolitan Novels, all seen here – has been astronomically successful. It’s the only adult series for which I have seen customers buy all four titles at once, because they know they’ll be addicted to it – Ferrante did say it was one long novel that she’d cut into parts. Whether or not you followed the controversy over the unveiling of the writer behind the Ferrante identity, or the discussion around the cover design (Australian designer W H Chong on his work here), you’ll be glad to know that we can now unveil all four novels in the series in the same size format, in paperback for $23 each.

elena ferrante those who leave#1 My Brilliant Friendelena-ferrante-story-of-the-lost-child
#2 The Story of a New Name
#3 Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay
#4 The Story of the Lost Child



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