C is for Castle, M is for Monocle, S is for Sabertooth

c-is-for-castleWe know it’s hard for new parents to stay enthusiastic about their baby books, so we have some quirky new alphabet books in stock that will keep you alert and teach your children some unusual vocabulary. They’re all illustrated by Greg Paprocki and published by the good people at Gibbs Smith, who also created the excellent Pride and Prejudice Counting Primer.m-is-for-monocle

  • C is for Castle is for the aspiring medievalist, including the almost-correct X for Excalibur.
  • M is for Monocle is perfect for aspiring Victorian dandy, and includes pith H-is-for-Helmets.
  • S is for Sabertooth will get junior down to speed with the stone age, starting with a smiling cavewoman painting A-is-for-art.

Only $15 each and a good novelty for your board-book collection.

C is for Castle: A Medieval Alphabet – BB – $15
M is for Monocle: A Victorian Alphabet – BB – $15
S is for Sabertooth: A Stone Age Alphabet – BB – $15



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