Derek Landy’s Demon Road Trilogy– The Final Book is Here!

derek-landy-demon-roadThe Demon Road trilogy is written by Derek Landy who wrote one of my all-time favourite series, Skulduggery Pleasant. The Demon Road trilogy is made up of three books: Demon Road, Desolation, and American Monsters. The third book, American Monsters, is just out, and wraps up the series.

The main character of the series is Amber Lamont. When Amber finds out about a deal her parents have with the Devil, she is forced to make her own deal. But there is a catch, she has a time limit to her bargain, and it’s her life on the line. Time is running out as Amber travels the Demon Road which links all the supernatural places in America.

derek-landy-desolationAmber is an excellent, unique main character, with a great side cast: a mysterious mentor with a dark back story, a teenage Irish tag-along, and in the second book a  group of Scooby-do type adventures (dog included). The villains are truly terrifying, ranging from Amber’s parents, to vampires, to unkillable serial killers (as if they weren’t terrifying enough already) to a twisted little country town with a horrible secret.

derek-land-american-monstersDemon Road is darker and grittier then Skulduggery Pleasant, but still has Derek Landy’s trade mark wit and humour. I love the Demon Road trilogy, the characters are relatable and the plot fast paced and enticing. It is the type of book that you can’t put down. It is the perfect book for any lover of Skulduggery Pleasant and the Lockwood and Co. series. Best for ages 14 to 25. With the perfect blend of the classic road trip/hero’s journey with a twist of horror and the supernatural.

Demon Road – PB – Harper Collins – $15
Desolation-PB-Harper Collins-$15
American Monsters-PB-Harper Collins-$20


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