Leo Da Vinci vs The Ice-Cream Domination League by Michael Pryor

Michael Pryor is one of our favourite authors in Fairfield. He has for years been writing books for children, and always drops by on National Bookshop Day to help us celebrate all things writing and reading. Saturday August the 8th is the next National Bookshop Day and again Michael will be with us, and happily for him, he has a brand new book just out. So good timing Michael! Leo Da Vinci vs The Ice-Cream Domination League is for a younger age group than Michael usually writes for, about 8-11 years old. It will appeal to both boys and girls and fans of Tristan Banck’s Tom Weekly books or, Liz Pichon’s Tom Gates books will love this new book, which is the first of a series.

Leo is an inventor, artist, genius and founder of Fixit International Inc and has his work cut out on a mission involving brussel sprouts and cauliflower as ammunition. He has a robot, and a pet pig, and happily a new person friend as well, having not been well endowed in that department previously. It’s all a bit silly and a lot of fun, and saving the world’s ice cream factory from the Ice-Cream Domination League is threatening to take Leo and Mina away from school and basketball practice. Fortunately, they are able to come to an arrangement with the baddies about the times of engagement. Phew! Life could have become tricky otherwise!

Come along to the shop on August 8th and meet Michael, and find out about his new book, and all of his previous titles as well. leo da vinci


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