The Chocolate Promise, with a promise of chocolate…

chocolateJosephine Moon’s new book is about Christmas Livingstone, a chocolatier who lives by a set of rules, one of which is absolutely no romantic entanglements. She is interested in the potential medicinal uses of chocolate (how good does that sound1) and is keen to explore that in her business. A chance to study with a famous French chocolatier in France is a wonderful opportunity to develop her knowledge and expertise. However not long before she is to leave for France the arrival in town of man who has a similar interest in the subject as Christmas does, tests her adherence to her own rules. It’s a light, easy read for those times when you don’t want anything too taxing. $30

If you buy a copy of The Chocolate Promise between now and the 10th May (the day before Mother’s Day) you will go into a draw to win a fabulous box of chocolates from Chocolatier in Ivanhoe. Good Luck!


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