Lennie the Legend. Heartwarming and true.

lennieIn 1932, times had been tough in rural Victoria and after his father broke his leg before the ploughing had been finished, Lennie a nine year old boy, literally took up the reins and finished the job. When Lennie was asked what he would like as a reward, he grabbed his chance. He wanted to go to Sydney to see the opening ceremony of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Amazingly, his parents said he could go, and so Lennie saddled up his pony, Ginger Mick, and set off on his 1,000 kilometre journey.

The story captured the imagination of the nation, desperate for a good news story. It’s hard to imagine allowing such a young boy going off on his own, but he made it there and back, met the Prime Minister and saw the bridge opening. Lennie was a legend.

The book has been produced by the National Library of Australia and includes photos from the events and also provides some historical context.

Hardback, $25


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