Penelope Perfect: Project Best Friend


Penelope is one of those young girls who likes things just so. Her mother doesn’t mind if she is missing a button, her brother Harry is always running late and dad doesn’t live with them any more. All of these things cause Penelope (NOT Penny) to be a bit anxious about things. She isn’t exactly unpopular at school, but she isn’t one of the cool kids either, and she doesn’t have a best friend. When she hears that a new girl will be starting at their school, Penelope decides she wants her to be her best friend. So she makes plans, and tries just a little bit too hard.

It’s a heart warming story about being yourself, but being able to control some of the feelings that cause you some trouble. There will be more in the series to come. Paperback, $17


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Filed under First Readers (6-8 years), Junior Readers (8-11 years)

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