Useful by Debra Oswald


Sullivan Moss has become a fairly sad and useless member of society. He has used and thrown away friendships, having taken them for granted for far too long. He isn’t close to family and he is unemployed, and basically unemployable. He decides to end it all by jumping off a building, but because he is useless, he stuffs that up as well and wakes up in hospital. Despairing of ever having any meaning in his life, he decides he will be ‘useful’ by becoming an organ donor. But the process of becoming a donor is actually quite lengthy and arduous. He has to prove that he isn’t, well, a deranged idiot. During the process, where his motivation waxes and wanes, he does finally start to make some connections with people, and his life does get better, though it’s touch and go a few times. The author Debra Oswald was the creator of the hit TV show Offspring, and that shows in the sharp and snappy dialogue. The people are all very believable, and while you might want to slap Sully frequently, you still want to find out how his story ends. It’s fun, and with a good heart. $30


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