Splendid gift books instore! “Animalium” and “Maps”

Animalium-Book-Pagemaps book









The Big Picture Press in the UK has just released these glorious big books, each in hardback and over a foot high (or about 45cm in the new measure). Animalium is a trip through an old-fashioned natural history museum, exploring the families of Darwin’s Tree of Life. Each page is beautifully illustrated, with detailed facts on the creatures presented (see the Flamingoes, Storks, Ibises and Herons below). This makes a wonderful gift for kids of about 12 years up to adult.

animalium storks

Maps is aimed at a younger audience (say, starting with a curious 7 or 8 year old), and has annotated maps of all continents and various countries that also list animals, sights and basic country information. (See the USA map below for an idea.)

maps spread usaWe have copies of both books in stock, and they’re just $39.95 each. Get in quick to fill your Christmas stockings!



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