A complete change of setting for Michael Robotham in LIfe or Death

Life or Death by Michael Robotham is a complete departure from his usual books. Instead of being set in the UK where Michael lived for many years, the setting is the big ‘ol state of Texas in the USA. Audie Palmer, a prisoner locked up 10 years previously for an armed robbery where two people died, escapes from prison the day before he was due for release. The big question is why. Why on earth would anyone do that? That question that takes up the rest of the book and involves the police from the original investigation, an underestimated FBI agent who has her own issues and the prisoner who helped Audie while he served his time. The justice system takes a beating, and the action is horribly plausible. I hadn’t jumped on this book, as I really like the previous Joe O’Loughlin books, but didn’t think I would enjoy the new setting and style as much. I needn’t have worried, it’s a ripper of a read. The change has been well worth it. $30

life or death


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