Review: Favel Parrett’s “When the Night Comes”

favel parrett when the night comesThere’s been a lot of expectation built up around Favel Parrett’s second novel, When the Night Comes, and I must say it’s been worth the wait. Richly evoking Hobart, with regular forays on board the Antarctic supply ship the Nella Dan and a moment of landfall at Casey Base in Antarctica, Parrett tells the stories of two people who loved the Nella Dan and what she represented. Danish seaman Bo spends two summers in Hobart between supply runs, and Isla, the young daughter of Bo’s girlfriend in Hobart, is utterly enchanted by his stories of the ship and its realm.

When the Night Comes is a dreamlike novel which traces light, loss and darkness. It is beautifully written and an absorbing read. Most recommended.

When the Night Comes — Favel Parrett — PB — Hachette — $28


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