BOOK LAUNCH!!! Mothers and Daughters by Kylie Ladd

mothers daughtersKylie Ladd doesn’t live in Fairfield but she is close enough for us to claim her as a local author anyway. Kylie has helped us celebrate National Bookshop Day since it started with great energy and enthusiasm. It gives us great pleasure to say that we will be launching Kylie’s new book, Mothers and Daughters, in the shop, on Thursday 4th September at 7pm in the evening. Jo Case, author of the memoir Boomer & Me will be doing the launch for Kylie, and it will be a fun evening.

The book is about four female friends who met when their children were young and have stayed friends throughout the years of school pick ups.  Now the daughters are all entering their teens and growing up, and the mothers have decided to reunite for a holiday in Broome, where one of their number, Amira, is spending a year teaching in an aboriginal community.  Her daughter Tess is with her, and they are both looking forward to catching up with their friends. although they are aware of how their lives are now very different from how it used to be.

The reunion shows up both the common interests they still have, but even more so, the differences, which were probably always there, but are now magnified by time and life experiences. It brings into question, just why these women are friends.

Mother’s & Daughters is a book which will have many recognisable characters and aspects of friendship for all of us. It will be a good book for a group discussion.

So, come along on the 4th September and take the opportunity to meet Kylie if you haven’t already done so.  Have a glass of wine and a chat with us.

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