This week in storytime…

ffb storytime
Thank you to the small but devoted audience who helped us launch Storytime at Fairfieldbooks last Saturday — we look forward to seeing you again this week! Our four stories this week are:

  • Magic Beach, by Alison Lester: the much loved classic, set on a beach overlooking Wilson’s Prom

alison lester magic beach

  • Peggy, by Anna Walker: a Melbourne love-story about a chook getting lost in the inner  city

anna walker peggy

  • My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes, by Eve Sutton, with illustrations by Lynley Dodd: tells why, despite all the quirky international cats out there, my cat hides in boxes

eve sutton my cat likes to hide in boxes

  • Sticks & Stones: Animal Homes by Tai Snaith: a newby with clever rhymes and gorgeous illos about animal homes

tai snaith sticks & stones



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