Lost & Found by Brooke Davis

lost and found

This first novel by Brooke Davis has it’s genesis in the death of the author’s mother. Brooke was travelling overseas when she received a message to call home urgently. When she did, her father gave her the awful news that her mother had died in a freak accident.  The book is an exploration of how people can carry on living knowing that someone they love can die at any time.

The story is told from the point of view of three different characters, Millie a young girl who has been abandoned by her mother in a department store, the elderly Agatha Pantha and Karl the Touch Typist who have both lost their life long partners. Before her mother had abandoned her, Millie had also suffered the death of her father so she has had a lot to deal with in her short life. The three characters are all drawn together by these odd and lonely circumstances as they try and find a way to find her mother in Millie’s case, and to start to live a life again in the case of Agatha and Karl.  The three of them set off a road trip to find Millie’s mother and things don’t always go well. As the journey continues Agatha is  overcoming her phobia about leaving the house, Karl sees a future without his beloved wife and Millie has hope of seeing her mother again. Lost & Found has a gently quality, while dealing with some very sad characters.

Knowing the back story of the book makes it all the more poignant. $27


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