Picture Me Gone by Meg Rosoff

megI had put off reading the new Meg Rosoff because after the truly wonderful How I Live Now her subsequent books were a bit of a disappointment. That was a harsh view really because if anyone else had written Just in Case et al I would have been far less critical but because How I Live Now set such a high standard I was less charitable.
However I am glad I’ve braved the new book because it is terrific. Not as good as How I Live Now but it is still very good. ( Poor Meg, I wonder if she views that book as a blessing or a millstone!)
Mila is twelve years old and lives with her parents in London. Her mother is a musician and her father a translator so it is a creative and cerebral household. Mila is unusually tuned in to the moods and feelings of people and senses things most people don’t. Despite this, she is still mystified and hurt when her best friend Catlin withdraws from her for no apparent reason.
Mila’s father Gil has an old friend Matthew who lives in upstate New York with his wife and baby son. They had an older son, Owen, who died in a car accident three years earlier while Matthew was driving. When Matthew’s wife Suzanne rings Gil to tell him that Matthew has gone missing, Gil and Mila fly over to help. Their search reveals some unexpected truths about Matthew which surprise Mila. What Mila also learns is that even the adults she trusts can also deceive.
Strictly speaking Meg Rosoff writes for teenagers, but I would happily recommend her to anyone over 11 years, including adults.  Highly recommended. (But also read How I Live Now!)
Paperback, $20


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