Kat Jumps the Shark by Melinda Houston.

katKat is a location scout for a TV production company which keeps her busy driving around Melbourne in her vintage Alfa Romeo which she inherited from her father. She lives  with Miles and his adorable daughter Bonnie on custody weeks. Miles can be just a little bit stuffy and maybe he has become a little too comfortable with his domestic lot, expecting Kat to drop everything at her work to pick up Bonnie when he can’t get away from his work.  He is also a bit sniffy about the reality TV series Kat is currently working on, which has  a formerly disgraced ex footballer in the hosting role.  As the seeds of her discontent grow, Kat is faced with an uncertain employment situation and her life is suddenly looking very different from how it was.
Reading about Melbourne through the eyes of a location scout was fascinating, as were the chaotic ins and outs of TV production. Kat is a 30 something woman who many will identify with and she is a sympathetic and very likeable character. Kat Jumps the Shark is a light and enjoyable read. $30


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