Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – Kris Carlson

KrisCarlson Reinvent


Kris Carlson is the author of two new titles in the ‘Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff’ series.

We were at an event yesterday, The Truth Event, at which she was one of the guest speakers.  You might hear her on the radio or TV today, Tuesday 1st April.  This is NOT an April Fool’s event and if you’re inclined to look at the books we have signed copies available for $20 each.  This is her first visit to Australia so signed Australian editions are very scarce.

dont sweat Mums

dont sweat women

In her own words  ..

I’m a survivor. A widow. A mother. A grandmother. A wife. A writer & bestselling author, many times over. A mentor for people navigating that exceptionally urgent & poignant time known as “middle age.” A motivational speaker for women & girls.

And yet, who I really am, when all’s said & done, is a woman who knows how to bounce, rock and roll through all of life’s changes. Good & bad. Light & dark. Perfectly planned & wholly unthinkable.

When loss blackens my heart, when my kids leave the nest (and forget to call home), when my hormones go haywire, when earthquakes turn the solid ground beneath my feet into Jello, I am brave. I am strong. I evolve.

So can you.


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