New Billie B Brown!


Billie B Brown and her Secret Mystery Club are back in Playground Detectives ($9.95) with a hot new case. Benny has been blamed for putting leaves in Rebecca’s sandwich, but he swears he didn’t do it.  Billie is determined to prove his innocence and Jack, Mika and Alex are all there to help her.

This is the third book in the new Billie B Mystery series by local author Sally Rippin. Aimed at readers who are starting to find the Billie B books just a little bit easy, but still want to read about Billie and Jack and all of their friends. Perfect for 5+

And that’s not all! You can now get an audiobook of five classic Billie stories, including The Bad Butterfly, The Soccer Star, The Midnight Feast, The Second-Best Friend and The Extra-Special Helper – all read by the very charming Eloise Mignon. ($19.95)



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