P.M. Newton’s new crime novel “Beams Falling”


Picking up where The Old School left off, Beams Falling ($30.00) sees Detective Nhu ‘Ned’ Kelly recovering from physical trauma as well as PTSD. But she’s soon working in Sydney’s Cabramatta . It’s 1993 and there’s been a surge of crime in the area, brought about by new Vietnamese drug gangs. her colleagues think Ned’s the one for this job, given her Vietnamese heritage, but she not only has to confront the violence, drugs and murder in her suburb, but deal with her mental health as well as police corruption.  The sense of place in Beams Falling is tangible – and it’s unapologetically honest and grim. Her characters are so well-realised, and a plot so snappy you won’t be able to put this down. Newton is such an exciting new – well, new-ish, this being her much-awaited second novel – voice in Australian crime fiction.


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Filed under Australian Women Writers Challenge (AWW), Crime Fiction

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