A spot of crime: Close to the Bone by Stuart McBride

I had never read a novel by Stuart McBride before but I had been given one by a rep and picked it up at random from the pile one night when I needed a change from the run of literary books I’d had been reading. They were all terrific, (The signature of all things! Goldfinch & the Luminaries), but for me crime is a bit like an ice cream. It goes down very easily after dinner!!
Anyway, Stuart McBride has a recurring character DI Logan McRae and as you may have gathered from all the ‘Mc’s, the books are set in Scotland. The book starts with a gruesome scene, then moves to McRae waking up in a caravan and when leaving the van, he finds a small knot of bones on his doorstep. It’s not the first time it’s happened, and it’s puzzling to say the least but he chooses to pretty much ignore it. But as you would expect this is a foretelling of what is to come and the action goes fro film sets, to witches, troubled women and of course some really nasty people. McRae’s boss is a foul mouthed lesbian, who is forever tweeking her ill fitting bra and their relationship has a surprising twist.  It is atmospheric and Logan is a character I’ll happily read about again.  $20



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