Kevin Kwan’s “Crazy Rich Asians”

crazy rich asiansSee the glittery gold cover? And the classy hot-pink font? They’re a fair representation of the glitz, glamour and trash of the super-uber-rich upper-classes of Singapore and South-East Asia. They’d have no qualms in wearing this colour combination to set foot on their private jet for another drab weekend on a private island — as long as it was in a couture item by this season’s hottest label, and cost upward of $250K. As other reviewers have said, this novel is a modern Dynasty set in the tropics, and it’s one hell of a romp.

The pretext for the expose is that two up-and-coming NYU professors, Nick and Rachel, decide to take a 10-week summer holiday and meet Nick’s family in Singapore. What Nick fails to mention is that he is the heir to Singapore’s greatest fortune, channelled through three proud dynasties into his humble person. With untold billions at stake, the super-rich bring out their diamonds and claws to meet Nick’s new girlfriend…

This book was absolutely gripping, mostly because it was impossible to believe how ludicrous these rich types could be with their bottomless bank accounts. Monthly trips to Paris for wardrobe refreshing, a million dollars in jewellery in 10 minutes to make yourself feel better after a bad day, the gymnasium on board the private jet used for those weekends away in mainland Chinese shopping malls… Just fascinating, like an amazing sociological exploration of a different species. A perfect holiday read, with enough substance to make it worthwhile.

Crazy Rich Asians – Kevin Kwan – TP – Allen & Unwin – $25.00


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