Save with Jamie

save with jamieOf course Jamie Oliver needs no introduction – just a glance at that cheeky grin on the cover and we know what to expect! Delicious,  do-able recipes with a focus on fresh, healthy ingredients. Jamie has been on something of a crusade in recent years, coming up with fabulously quick and easy recipes to encourage us all to eat better. In Save with Jamie he has gone one step further, saving us not only time, but money and waste as well – “Each meal will easily cost you less per person than an average fast-food takeaway”. The book is easy to use, with clear chapters and advice on savvy grocery shopping, so would make a great first cookbook. But really, who doesn’t want to serve up exciting , tasty, nutritious food and save money along the way? And a quick flick through the mouth-watering photographs… well, who could resist? Hardback, $50

And don’t forget – the accompanying television series begins tonight at 7.30pm on Channel 10. Yum!


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