National Bookshop Day

Saturday August 10th is National Bookshop Day, and as in previous years we have a line up of authors you can come and meet.

We have  Jen Storer  10.30-11.30  Truly Tan, Tensy Farlow & The Accidental Princes

June Factor 11-12 noon  Far Out Brussell Sprout, Unreal Banana Peel

                   Kylie Ladd 11.30-12.30   Into my Arms, Last Summer, Naked

Nick Place 12noon-1pm  Roll with it

Fran Cusworth 12.30-1.30  Sisters of Spicefield

Zana Fraillon 1-2pm             Monstrum House

Damon Young 1.20-2.30  Philosophy in the Garden, Distraction

Carole Wilkinson 2-3pm   Dragonkeeper, Ramose, Stagefright

We will also have giveaways, and we will be decorating the front window.  There will be some edible treats too!

It will be fun, so come along, say hello to an author, buy a book and enjoy the fact that Australia still has some bricks and mortar bookshops for you to browse & buy in.




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