Alex by Pierre Lemaitre

untitledIf you enjoyed last year’s thriller sensation Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, you will probably like Alex.  While it has some twists and turns, it isn’t quite as manipulative as Gone Girl and I think it is a better book.

Alex is a very attractive young woman who is kidnapped and kept hidden with little food and water.  She has been a loner, so her absence isn’t immediately noticed and because she also moved around a lot, not much is known about her.  Commandant Camille Verhoeven is a man of diminutive stature, but his intelligence more than compensates.  He and his team find clues, and feel they are getting close, but then a witness dies, or something else happens and the trail blows hot and cold.  All of the detectives are well drawn, and Camille is an interesting character with an unusual back story. Alex herself, is not quite the innocent victim and I don’t want to give too much away because the twists come from some unexpected directions.

Translated from the French, the book has a distinct Euro feel and it is a thriller worthy of that tag.  If it isn’t optioned for a movie soon, I will be very surprised.



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