I Love My Room By Meg Morton, Jason Busch and Penny Shek

I Love my Room

This delightful book features real kids in their real bedrooms and includes cute little bios of the room’s owners. Indigo’s room is a cute mix of handmade crafts, first paintings and vintage furniture. Her mum and dad put in low benches and seating to give more wall space, which is covered in pictures, flags and nick-nacks. When she grows up she wants to be a schoolgirl. There’s a great mix of room for  boys and girls, toddlers to teenagers and you can tell that each kid really loves their room (and why wouldn’t they with all the groovy colours, bunk-beds and camouflaged doors!). Flicking through it made me wish I was 8 years old again, with my very room to transform into a chalkboard/ crayoned/ pastel/ toybox delight. A great gift for new parents, house warmings and designer types. In store now. $49.95 in hardback



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