The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt and pictures by Oliver Jeffers

daythecrayonsquitDuncan’s crayons are upset. Red Crayon feels overworked. It’s pretty tiring colouring all the fire engines, apples and strawberries and he doesn’t even get holidays off what with Santa’s suit and Valentine’s Day hearts. Orange Crayon and Yellow Crayon both think they are the rightful colour of the sun, and Green Crayon is sad because his friends aren’t talking. Being reasonable Crayons, they’ve all written letters to Duncan outlining their grievances, and alongside Jeffers’ wonderful illustrations, the result is a hilarious picture book for kids and adults alike. This is a fantastic book, great for anyone (old or young) who has ever owned a box of crayons. In store now. $25 in hardback. 



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