What’s for Dinner: Curtis Stone

I had had the idea that Curtis Stone was a bit ‘cheffy’ for me, but in the last week I’ve tried two recipes from his new book What’s for Dinner, and they have both been very good and happily, very easy.

The first was the Scallops with mint, bacon & peas which took all of 10 minutes from start to finish.  It looked lovely and with some good bread to accompany it was delicious.

Last night I made Fish with spinach and orange vinaigrette which was equally lovely.  I bought the fish at the market and had forgotten the recipe was for firm white fish and that it had tarragon in it.  I got Atlantic salmon fillets with the skin on and parsley.  But no matter. I got the skin on the fish really crispy then cooked it just through on the other side and used the parsley instead of tarragon (I’m not a huge fan of tarragon anyway).   The fact that used different fish and herbs is all the better really, showing that the recipe is versatile. The orange zest in the vinaigrette gave it a lovely light zing and all in all it was a great hit.  I made a pilaf to go with it which added to the cooking time, but the fish dish itself was only about 15 minutes all up.

I’m very impressed with young Curtis, and will definitely be using his book more.  I forgot to take photos of my triumphs, but will do them again I’m sure and I’ll try and remember to photograph them.  The book is $39.95curtis



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