What if The Face on the Milk Carton wasn’t just any old stranger…

face on the milk cartonCaroline B. Cooney’s series of books about Janie, an American teenager are really starting to catch on, and we can see why! We had a teenager come in to purchase the first book in the series, The Face on the Milk Carton, for his schools unit on banned books. The controversial subject matter of these fantastic stories means they were banned for quite some time in the United States. Originally published in the 90s, this series has just been given new lease on life in Australia.

Janie Johnson (aka Jayne Jonstone) is a 15-year old with lots of red hair who hates speaking in front of her English class. During an everyday lunch in her high schools cafeteria, Janie and her friends are talking about the faces of missing children put on the backs of milk cartons. But what no-one saw coming when they were looking the picture of a 3 year-old girl in the polka dress with her hair in pigtails, was that 12 years later, that same girl was sitting among them.

So who is Janie Johnson really? Who took her from the shopping center all those years ago? And more importantly, what is she going to do about it?! This is a page-turning story with some great morals and messages, along with a really interesting and unusual subject matter.

The Face On The Milk Carton is the first book, What Happened to Janie? is also in stock, and all four books are now available in the new edition. All $12.95.


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