Boomer & Me

Jo Case is a writer and mother whose son Leo was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome after some time of social problems. Jo views the news with a mixture of feelings, which isn’t surprising. Relief at a final diagnosis but also some fear about what it means for Leo and his future.  As she throws herself into reading about Asperger’s, she recognises aspects of herself, her father and her brother in the literature.  She comes to the view that they are all within the Asperger’s spectrum.  She is reluctant to get a definitive diagnosis for herself her main fear being whether she can be a good mother if she really has Aspergers.  Jo writes really well, and isn’t afraid to paint herself warts and all.  She is at different times irrational, moody and fearful, but she tells it like it is.  I think this is a very good contribution to the available literature on Aspergers. boomer and me


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