Laneways of Melbourne

laneways of melbourneFew things are as quitessentially Melbourne as our laneways… Finding a bar down a laneway down a laneway that you love and have zero chance of ever finding your way back to is all part of a visit to, or indeed a life in, Melbourne. So it’s a wonder this book didn’t happen a lot earlier. From laneways lined with street art and bins and not much else to some of Melbournes busiest and most well known shopping strips, Laneways of Melbourne by Kornelia Freeman and Ulo Pukk supplies a little bit of history a long with information on what you’ll find on any particular laneway. This lovely photographic guide starts at the beginning, with AC/DC lane and takes you through the alphabet all the way to the slightly more surprising Wharf St. This book is so chock full of places I’ve never even heard of, let alone been to, I’m starting to wonder if I’m really Melburnian! There are all sorts of wonders to be found in our laneways; from art installations to cafes, architecture to history. And with this book in hand all you have to do to find it, is go for a walk.

A great gift for a lover of Melbourne, or a visitor. PB, $19.95.


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