The Rosie Project


Local author Graeme Simsion has produced a gem of a first novel with The Rosie Project.  This warm and engaging tale centres on the charming yet awkward narrator, Don Tillman, and his quest to find a perfectly-suited partner.  He calls this his Wife Project, and he has created a 16-page questionnaire to help him narrow the field to select the ultimate life partner.  Surely a professor of genetics has the skills to create a logical template for finding the most elusive and illogical element of all- love!

The very scientific and slightly Asperger’s Don thinks he has it all planned, till he meets the erratic, whimsical and feisty Rosie.  She is not Don’s type and clearly doesn’t fit his Wife Project-criteria, so why indeed do their lives and stories become intertwined and determined?!  Like a screwball 1930s comedy on the page, Don and Rosie’s ‘opposites attract’ schtick and their slowly learning, adapting and changing to discover true love is available to us all is a winner.

Even though this is a genuinely hilarious and laugh-out-loud story, at its core it explores and questions the very nature of human companionship and our longing to find that certain someone.  Finally, an intelligent, clever and romantic novel for adults.

In store now, enjoy!

$30 in large paperback


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