A Light Shining in the Forest by Paul Torday

A Light Shining the Forest is Paul Torday’s latest and is a winner!   Set in the north east of England it tells the story of some missing children which the police are calling ‘missing persons’ but which the parents call ‘abductions’
Three people are brought together in an unlikely alliance.  Norman, the Children’s Czar, is a  lifetime bureaucrat who has reached a high position in the public service doing very little and taking no risks.  Although he is Commissioner for Children he is unmarried and has no experience of children!
His secretary Pippa, studying part time,  spends a lot of time arranging his lunch appointments and meetings ,fetching coffee and making eyes at Willie.
Willie is an ambitious reporter on the local rag who hopes for a story after the first child disappears and the police seem indifferent. When more disappear he smells an even bigger story that will ” make his career”, so he goes to see the Children’s Czar!!
The three of them struggle against the police attitude, the parents and Willie’s editor to find out what happened.  What starts out as a tale of incompetence, selfishness and indifference becomes a tale of passion, commitment and bravery.  The story twists when people start having unusual dreams and seeing things that disappear.
The culmination in the forest is unexpected and thrilling!  $30 large PB

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