1,227 Facts: No more, no less.

The QI Elves must be some of the most annoying people to play Trivial Pursuit with, ever. It’s impossible to watch an episode of the show without filing away some surprising/obscure/useless fact that comes in handy many moons later at a pub trivia night and makes you look like a genius. And now there’s a fact book! With no less than 1,227 facts, you’ll never stop annoying people with your useless knowledge of who played the first international sports fixture in 1844, (USA vs Canada) and what sport they played. In a brief canvassing of opinion, no one guesses correctly, which is fun (it’s cricket). You’ll learn that a pocketful of Brazil nuts is so radioactive it’ll set off the alarm in a nuclear power station, forty is the only English number spelt in alphabetical order and Venus rotates so slowly on its own axis that its day is longer than its year. I could go on, but I won’t because you should read it. The QI Factbook is hardback, $20.


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