The Red Book by Deborah Copaken Kogan

Every five years, graduates of Harvard are asked to fill in a questionairre giving details of the last five years of their lives.  The information is then published in ‘The Red Book’ and sent out to them all.  It is up to the respondent to be truthful but often, who would know if it’s the truth or not?

The author is a Harvard graduate herself and her novel is centred around the 2oth year reunion of the class of 1989.  Clover, Addison, Mia and Jane are the main characters and were room mates.  They have been in contact with each other but many of the other people at the reunion have not.  The book works around the entry each person has put in, and goes from there.  As with any reunion, some people have done well and are happy to talk about it, others are more reticent about their bad times, and some are not doing nearly as well as their spouses think.   Many of the old antipathies are still there and renewed,  some are healed.

It is an easy read and a book that lots of people can identify with.  After all, most of us have a few reunions under our belt. I enjoyed it. $30


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