This time we’re going Under Wildwood

A whimsical fantasy novel for kids over 9, with lovely illustrations in a beautiful hardback, for $20. This, my friends, is the dream. Or maybe a dream. Anyway, it was about a year ago that Wildwood graced our shelves. Musician/Author Colin Meloy and illustrator Carson Ellis put together the clever, magical and adventurous tale of Prue McKeel, whose brother had been kidnapped by a flock of crows. Now, brand new in stock is Under Wildwood. This sequel shares the fantastic style and adventurous plot as Prue and her bandit-in-training friend Curtis must return to Wildwood to save themselves and their friends. Meanwhile, Curtis’ sisters have been taken to a terrible orphanage; they are going to have to find a way to escape, or face working in a factory for a long time.
With Wildwood now in paperback ($18) and Under Wildwood in hardback ($20) with lovely illustrations this is a perfect gift for fantasy readers in an occasionally difficult age range, though older readers and fans of Meloy’s band, The Decemberists, may well enjoy it just as much.


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Filed under Tweens (11-14 years), Young Adult (14+)

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