‘Every day’, a beautiful story from David Levithan

Every day by David Levithan

PB $20.00


David Levithan has such a brilliant skill for getting inside character’s heads and writing about emotions in depth. Every day is a quirky book with a completely unique and fantastic premise but the characters could not be more real.

‘A’ wakes up every day in the body of a different 16 year old. This is just the way life is until one day ‘A’ wakes in the body of Justin and meets his girlfriend Rhiannon. Suddenly ‘A’ has found someone he wants to be with, every day.

Levithan uses this unusual story idea to really explore the lives of many different kids and their families. Every day is funny and moving and sad and fascinating. It will leave you thinking long after you put it down.




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Filed under Young Adult (14+)

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