Theo & Co Take 2 by Theo Kalogeracos

To say master pizza chef Theo Kalogeracos, of Perth Pizzeria Little Caesar’s, is passionate about pizza would be an understatement! He has joined up with a group of pizza professionals who call themselves Theo & Co in a quest to find the perfect pizza. In his first book, Theo & Co, he tells us how he grew to love pizza so much, as well as sharing his wonderful pizza recipes. Theo & Co Take 2 continues the search for the perfect pizza, as Theo travels to Italy where he learns to make traditional pizzas from the experts. He includes a masterclass, in which he details hints on dough-making and cheeses, as well as information about wood-fired ovens. Then he heads off on a road trip through the United States, where pizza has been adopted with gusto, and finds lots of fascinating regional variations, before heading back home to Perth. The book is packed with delicious recipes and mouth-watering photographs, perfect for any budding pizza aficionado (or anyone who loves pizza, really!). Paperback, $34.95


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